PC can't handle Geforce 9800


My brother just got a GeForce 9800 (he had a 8600) but he keeps complaining about graphical artifacts and nvidia ntune crashing. He thinks might be the power supply that can't handle the new graphics card. Here are the specs of his pc:

intel core duo 6600 @ 2.40 Ghz
2047 RAM
2 sata hard-drives
geforce 9800GT 1gB
Vista 32bits
Power supply: max continuos output power : 460W
max combined power on : 110W
Delta electronics model : DPS-460CB C

Can someone help?

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  1. I doubt it's a power issue as I've ran a 9800 GT just fine on a 400 watt PSU with more RAM and drives.

    I suspect the card is overheating. He can use EVGA Precision to manually adjust the GPU fans to 100% to see if that helps the artifacts. He should also monitor temps with GPU-Z.
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