Core i7 920 shows 1 core 1 thread in CPU-Z

Hey ya'll, I just got my new hardware setup and it doesn't seem as fast as I would expect when I upgraded from a Athlon 64 3700+. So I go grab the latest version of CPU-Z (1.51) and notice it says Cores: 1, Threads: 1. When I go to Tomshardware and check out one of his core i7 overclocking guides I see his CPU-Z says Cores: 4, Threads: 8 and all of his cache data is 4x whatever kilobytes... Is my CPU only using 1 core?

I tried changing the Active processor cores settings in the BIOS from ALL to 2 but that changed nothing except everest then said I had a dual core but CPU-Z says 1 core regardless of the setting. Windows device manager shows 8 processors... Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks!
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  1. have you reinstalled the OS?
  2. No, I was hoping I would not have to.... or is there a way to do it without losing everything?
  3. Double check the BIOS and see if it correctly identify the CPU as a quad core processor. Other than that, check your Windows Device Manager to see if it also recognize the CPU correctly. You should try flashing the BIOS to the newest version (under BIOS, not using Windows utility!!!)
  4. you have to reinstall windows for it to recognize all 4 cores. I had to even when using the same mb to go from a 3700+ to a 4200 x2.
  5. ^+1

    If Windows is installed on a single core system, it doesn't enable ACPI, which is needed for multicore support. There have been hacks to get around this, but they seem to affect system stablility - so your best bet is to just reinstall Windows.
  6. Windows is using the "ACPI Uniprocessor PC" Hardware Abstraction Layer because your old CPU was a single-core. You must re-install Windows when changing processors that have different thread counts, especially when going from a single thread to more than one thread. I think there is a way to "re-install" the HAL so that it detects the correct type, but it could screw your system.
  7. Alright thanks a lot guys. I was hoping to avoid this but looks like I will be reinstalling windows tonight. Thanks for the help!
  8. Open task manager and check performance tab. If You have 8 cpu graphs there then it is working as it should and it is bug in cpuz that it shows one. If only one graph in task manager I am afraid You will need to reinstall.
  9. I have a quad core laptop and its only using one core. I haven't made any hardware changes and I have updated bios. Is there a way to get the other cores running?
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