Need Advice: CPU Overheating

Need some advice, just got through putting together my first ever build. Had a few hiccups at first but managed to work through them, mostly because of bad RAM. Everthing has been working great, until today. After about 30 minutes of playing games or surfing the net, CPU hits around 80c and shuts down. I have been using MSI's Dual Core Center to watch internal temps. Opened her up and re-set the stock fan just to be sure but it is still crashing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

MSI P45 Neo 2 mobo
4g of DDR2 OCZ
Intel 9550 Quad CPU
PNY Geforce 8800GT
Seventeam 750w PS
Running XP
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  1. I went into BIOS and set my Frequency down to 2.5 in hopes that will help some.
  2. Make sure you installed the heatsink/fan correctly according to the instructions in the motherboard manual/cpu leaflet.
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