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Do I need to reinstall operating system again

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August 26, 2010 1:59:02 PM

One of my systems hard drive is crashed, then I replaced with another one in which every thing was previously installed, but to my surprise it did not start properly on another machine. Do I have to reinstall the operating system once again?
a c 350 G Storage
August 26, 2010 7:43:12 PM

I THINK what you mean is that you replaced a failed hard drive with another new one. But before doing the replacement, you installed everything on it, using another machine. However, now that it has been installed as the replacement on the first machine, it does not boot up.

VERY likely the problem is that the OS you installed on the replacement drive while it was in a second machine has all the device drivers for that SECOND machine with it, and it does NOT have all the correct drivers for the machine you have moved it to. There is a way to fix this that normally works - it is called a Repair Install. To do it you need a Windows Install CD. Ideally it is the same CD used to do the Installation originally, but at least it must be an Install CD for the same version of Windows.

You set up as if you were going to do a normal installation - the HDD installed in the machine and the Install CD inside its optical drive. You need to make sure the BIOS is set to boot from the optical drive first, and the HDD second. Boot from the Install CD in the optical drive. At the first screens do NOT choose to do a normal Installation. Choose a Repair Install. The process surveys what devices are present in the machine, and what drivers are installed on the HDD, and then fixes up any mismatches and missing drivers. When it is done you can shut down, remove the Install CD, and reboot from the HDD. It should work OK.
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August 26, 2010 8:04:00 PM

I agree, a repair install will fix about 99% of everything and get up and going. I have done it many, many times. But after it is all said and done, somewhere down the road, a bug pops up somewhere it seems.
If it is not too big a deal, save all your data somewhere, and just do a fresh reinstall of the OS and your programs. If it is a big deal, you have so much on there, then the repair install will probably work for you just fine. But I don't think it is ever truely "right" until you do a clean install.
Yeah, you cannot move a OS installation from PC to PC and expect it to work correctly, the OS and all drivers are configured to the hardware of the machine and the motherboard for the machine the install was done on. You move the drive to another machine, and everthing is suddenly cofigureed completely wrong for the new machine. The closer the 2 machines are to being identical, the better your chances. If you are going for instance from an Intel to a AMD build, forget it.
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