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Hello, i'm goona buy a portable hard disk and when looking on ebay I realised that it is cheaper to buy the case and the hard disk seperately. Do i buy an internal hard drive and then put it in the case? Is this something that can be done?
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  1. No, those are not compatable. You've selected a 2.5" enclosure and 3.5" drives.

    You can use any drive with any enclosure as long as:

    1. The drive and enclosure are the same size, either 2.5" or 3.5".

    2. The enclosure internal connections match the drives connections. Either SATA or IDE.

    3. Your computer has the proper port to support the enclosure. Either USB or eSATA.

    4. The enclosure supports drives of xxx capacity. Most newer enclosures can support 2TB drives and larger.

    Thank you Hawkeye that info was very helpful, could i trouble someone once more to look over my reviewed and hopefully final intended purchase. Thanks in advance, Andrew
  3. You once again chose a 3.5" hard drive and a 2.5" enclosure. The drive will not fit in this enclosure. Refer to my 1st post.
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