Gigabyte 585OC & Core2Duo E7500 overclocking

Hello guys im new here , long time reader .. have resolved alot of my problems via this board :love: i have come to ask a few questions about overclocking ...

I succesfuly did this modification below to get my 2.93ghz e7500 upto a nice 3.66ghz (Amazing what a piece of elec tape can do :o ) I had been fiddling around for months in setfsb due to the fact im using an intel (DG31PR) motherboard im limited to any overclocking and it just wasn't working out for me i could set it to 3.4ghz but every time i lost connection with my sata hdd's and dvd drive so i gave up on that idea and did the bsel mod ! works flawlessly =) thankyou to whoever came up with that ur a genius . Id like to know if there is a VID mod i could do to up the vcore a notch so i can play with the clocks abit more .. But i want the right vid mod , there are too many floating around and they dont work .

3 days ago i bought myself a gigabyte 5850 , with the dual slanted fans . Fabulous gfx card , decent upgrade from my msi r5770 but now im lacking the voltage control using msi afterburner .. Iv editied the cfg file and unlocked all the voltage functions within afterburner but it still remains blank =( Iv been reading and apparently you can flash this card with the msi varient so u can than control the voltage ? is this true or will that destroy my card...

This is a screenie of cpu-z and msi afterburner , 885 /1190 is the highest my card will go without freezing. I want to try hit 1ghz core if i can .

Thanks for any advice =)
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  1. I might have posted this in the wrong section , sorry if i did .
  2. Hey, I to have the gigabyte 585oc-1gd, (Great card)! Well I been on the hunt for a higher overclock on this thing, I mean I'm already getting 940core / 1200mem, But to get that I flashed my card with the Gigabyte 587ud-1gd bios, which makes the 5850 use 1.16v on the core. Stock was 1.08v I think? All I could get on the core was 900mhz at the stock volts. It might not get the 1000mhz mark, but it is higher.

    I am still looking for a mod to get 1000mhz core aswell, and some did volt mods, or pencil mods, but I havn't found 1 for this card.
  3. A reliable VID mod would be very tricky to do.
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