Motherboard Damage or PSU?? HELP !!

Hi everyone and thanks for read this post.

Like 2-3 weeks ago i get my new HHDD WD Caviar, i install the HD normally and there start all the problems.... the PC starting frezze, ask me password on the Bios, freezze and restart, the Dual Channel mode didnt work with the memory, i dont know what happend... them i was thinking that can me the HHDD that was bad or damaged, so i change it for my old HHDD and the same problem... i install the HW Monitor and saw that one of the rails (+5V VCCH) its in 0.50-0.80, (look the image) i dont know why too... thats why im asking you guys.. NEED YOUR HELP!!... also i feel the pc really slowly in games... and i have a "good" video card (HD4850)... dunno what i can do !!

Can be the motherboard??... the psu??... the CPU?? :??:

HELP PLEASEEE :( :??: :( :??:
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  1. oh, i forgot... sry my bad english... im learning :D :D!
  2. Sounds like you need to reinstall your operating system. I always format with a new board or hardrive. You may be able to backup your files first with norton ghost or the program that comes with vista, if you can get your system to stop rebooting. Try using windows safe mode by pressing the f5 or f8 key during boot up.
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