Can i put thermal compound on gpu?

can i put themal compound to decrease heat my graphics card is xfx ati radeon hd 5750
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  1. Hi.

    What exactly thermal compound do u refer?
  2. Yes graphics cards do have thermal compound between the heatsink and processor just like your CPU does. HOWEVER you may void your warranty by removing the heatsink and using a 3rd party compound. As far as I know EVGA is the only company that has a warranty that covers this and they only make Nvidia cards.

    An HD 5750 is a very cool running card in most circumstances. You really should have no need to replace the stock compound on this card. If you are having heat issues it is likely something else like a case with bad cooling or maybe even a defective card. What are your temps?
  3. my thermal compound is tuniq tx-3 temp is 70c+ i oc it into 740/1240
  4. Yeah u can use it without problems but be sure that u clean the previous one complete before apply the new one.
  5. Go for it. It is pretty easy to remove GPU coolers to get at the chip. I have been replacing the thermal paste on every video card that I get. So far, I have only had one where it made a huge difference but I think every now and then you can come across a video card where it wasn't applied correctly.

    Have you had this card for a while? While you have it apart, you should clean the dust out of the HS so you get better airflow too.
  6. DO be aware that in some cards that use thermal pads can lead a gap once you apply normal thermal paste.
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