Usb wireless RiLan driver???

I have a RiLan usb adapter Model#xg703-706. My friend bought it on ebay, the disc broke en route, and Id like to download it instead of waiting for one to be sent, any leads????
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    I couldn't find anything about this model -- check you got the name right before you search on Google etc.

    You might try searching for a clue as to the chipset and look for a generic driver.

    Driverguide seems to now charge for downloads (though I haven't used it since that policy was introduced and if I'm typical they may have had a rethink) .
  2. no it dosent have the brand name listed or atleast it wont tell if they have it w/o a paid membership
  3. If driverguide doesn't list it they probably don't have it. Back to Google, I'm afraid.
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