Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset Problem

I own the Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset. It is a USB and when I want to sing along and monitor in the headset the microphone seriously 'lags' the actual recording I am singing with. I am using an X-FI SoundBlaster sound card with the USB plugged in via the computer. Is there any way to get the mic singing to sync with what is coming through the headset? I don't want to guess at the why but most likely it is because the USB headset takes so long to talk to the soundcard that the lag is created. Seems this would be a problem when using the headset with online games also. I am also using the Creative Sound Console, so if there are any recommended settings I would be glad to entertain any ideas to make the mic NOT lag the headset.
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  1. A possibility is that your USB headset is slowing your computer down, to the point that it causes lag, since it doesn't rely on your CPU, rather than your sound card hardware. I suggest you try getting a cheap 3.5mm headset, try things out with that, and see if that solves your problem.

    What are your computer's specs?
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