How much watts does my PC build require?

This is my computer build -

Motherboard - [...] 6813130185
CPU - [...] 6819116072
Videocard - [...] 6814131140
RAM - [...] 6820231209
Hard Drive - [...] 6822136320
Optical Drive - [...] msung%20SH
Case -

Don't bother changing my build because i have done alot of research and i am going to stick with this build.

So my question is how much watts will my PC build require?
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  1. The Links don't work, could you atleast type them out?
  2. e.g. 450 watts PSU or 500 watts PSU
  3. 1) I'd get the Caviar Black 640GB instead of the 500 - it's both faster and has more space. It's only $5 more too.

    2) All of that could easily be powered off a good quality 500W or so. I recommend Corsair.
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