[LAPTOP] OCing a laptop with AMD P920 and ATI 5470

i want to ask that is it possible to OC this cpu?

my laptop specs are as follow:
CPU: AMD phenom II p920 1.6ghz
GPU: ATI 5470
the chipset seems to be AMD 780G...

for OCing the GPU:
I have tried using ATI overdrive, but it seems that it does not support this chipset...
msi overburner, riva tuner also seems to be unable to work...

as for the cpu,
setfsb currently is unable to read the correct chipset
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  1. Overclocking laptops is not a good idea due to poor cooling and normally it cannot be done as the bios options you need to change are locked
  2. simple answer dont overclock a laptop.

    with the GPU AMD catalyst is not supported on laptops because you cant manually update drivers
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