Reconstruct RAID in .imc files or put images back on to discs

My RAID 0 array between two 320GB drives was messed up recently. I believe that the drives and data were fine and that the RAID controller is to blame. I used RAID Reconstructor to create compressed images (.imc files) of the drives. The free trial of the program did not let me rebuild the RAID in any way. Now I have two large .imc files and still do not have my data. Does anyone know a free program that can rebuild the RAID array or at least get the data off? If not, is there a way to put the images back on the drives so I can try other options?
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  1. I assume this is a RAID 0 array. My understanding is that if a RAID 0 array fails, beit via drive or controller failure, all data is lost. This is do to the "striping" of data across all the drives.

    However, I've hear of persons moving their RAID 0 array from one PC to another, and the other PC reconized the array, and was completely usable. If you feel it's your controller, do you have this option? Move the drives to another PC, so you can copy the data to a single drive?

    This is why it is so important to backup, either internally or externally to another drive.
  2. That's a good idea. I hope I haven't lost all my data. I back up, but not regularly. My first problem is that my data is all in .imc files. Do you know any way for me to get my data back onto the original drives?
  3. Sorry, not me. Never hear of *.imc files.
  4. They're compressed image .img files. I just hope that they aren't proprietary to the RAID Reconstructor program.
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