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I recentl upgraded my computer with a new mobo, cpu and ram. from my original computer i kept my hard drive and dvd+r drive.both those drives use ata133 connections but my new mobo only had one so i purchased an XWT-PCIE11 add on card from masscool to add another ide connection. unfortunately when i downloaded the drivers from for my card they did not install and pretty much wont even open the installer. my computer detects the card as unknown hardware and says no drivers are installed for the ide. any help would be much appreciated thanks
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  1. You could have bought a new SATA burner for about the same price.

    I assume you are using the software for your version of Windows? This should be pretty straightforward. Otherwise you should be contacting Masscool.

    For $23, why not forget this and get a new burner. It's a sad fact that they stop flashing DVD burners with updates for new media so they become more likely to not burn correctly as time goes on.

    This one looks good: LG GH22NS30
  2. AH Humph.. you do know that each IDE connector does support 2 devices a Master and a Slave or,,,,, cable select 1st is master 2nd is slave..:)
  3. ^Yeah, I kept reading this over and over trying to figure why he buys an add in card when he only has 2 ide devices. Thought maybe I was missing something.
    SATA -1 drive per cable.
    IDE -2 drives per cable, just be sure to set one of them as master, and one of them as slave. Look at your ribbon cable. Should be 3 connections. Farthest one apart from the others is the motherboard connection. Red stripe side of cable is pin #1.
    The other 2 are for your drives, put the drive marked as master on the other end of the cable, the one you have set as slave on the middle connection, agian making sure the red stripe is orientated to pin #1 (If the cable is not keyed, some cheaper ones are not)
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