Need a decent Headset/Sound Card

I hope this is the right section. Lol

I'm quite clueless when it comes to speakers/headsets/sound cards. I tried researching by myself, but it confused me. Opinions vary TOO much when it comes to sound. So I figured I'll get some help from people with experience.

I am looking for a decent headset. I am willing to settle for speakers if it comes down to it, but I'd prefer a headset.

I will use 'em for everything. Gaming, Movies and Music, priority in that order. But it seems hard to find a budget headset that can do all 3 decently. I also haven't built my computer yet, so I'm unsure of the on board sound.

I will be using M4A79T-Deluxe Motherboard.

I am willing to buy a sound card if it's worth it, but I am perfectly happy with using on board sound if it is sufficient.

My budget is about $40-75 on the headset alone and about $150 including a sound card.

I'm no fanboy, brands mean nothing to me. I just want decent quality at a decent price.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I have had my Plantronics Gamecom 377 headphones for a few months now, I really like them. They aren't 5.1 just stereo, but I think they do well for all three of your criteria. I paid about $40 @ Best Buy.

    My criteria was, Gaming and Cordlength + Cord Durability, I still had to spend an extra 6 bucks for extension cords for them, as 6ft was not enough for my needs. but I think it was worth it. The cord is very sturdy compared to others that were available.

    You can check them out here Product Page

    LOL as far as sound cards go, i'm still using an Audigy (original version) and it does all I need it to. Actually I think its the only part Ive carried over from 2 previous systems.
  2. I'm trying to get rid of an X-Fi:

    probably for like $50?
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