Rivatuner Fan setting sets to default?

Hello there, I'm trying to set the fan automatically and manually.
It works for about an hour, but now it sets to the default 35% fan speed.
It resets back to default even if I try to adjust the fan manually.

is this a driver override issue?
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  1. I have some issues with rivia tuner and fan speeds my self. I doesnt like staying at much over 80%. I normally settle for 60% and it seems to stay at that giving me time to play with overclocking etc.

    Do you have the latest version of riva tuner and drivers ? What card you using?
    Maybe its a built in feature of the card to deduce the fan speed back to auto after a period of time if the gpu usage drops.
  2. Yes, the latest version of rivatuner 2.24 and the latest Nvidia drivers from (February version)
  3. Could activating ntune when rivatune is running disable rivatune's fan controls?
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