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Hi there,

I built my system on 2 WD Blue Caviar disks, back in April this year.

One of these become unusable after installing a raid on it and was returned DOA and replaced.

The second has now failed with a bad block.

I'm pretty certain that 2 out of 3 drives failing within warranty (one within hours) is unusual with a majar manufacturer like WD.

So I need some advice, should I return the currently failing drive under warranty and simple load up on it when it returns, or get a more reliable drive and use these for back up/storage?

If I should get a more reliable drive does anyone have a suggestion as to what?

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Really sad! I would say that WD Caviar Blacks are really good drives. I would say go for them. Good performance. I am using them for a year now. No problems!
  2. I have 2 blues and have had them for 1 year now. They work fine, but I am using them for back-up drives. A newegg reviewer said to upgrade the shipping from UPS to FedEx fixed his problems. Apparently he orders a lot of HD's... you can give that a shot if you'd like.
  3. WD makes good drives. I haven't had one fail in 10 years. You probably had a run of bad luck and got a couple drives from the same batch. If you don't want to risk another blue drive, try the black.
  4. Yeah, i figure they make thousands of drives and get as many good reviews on mail order sites as bad. as people with bad experiences are mroe likley to post than good, I guess that means they are good. I think the problem is my old, or insufficent psu.

    got a new one on the way and managed to repair the bad block...
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