Buy faster RAM, but then make it slower to overclock?!?

Quick question if anyone can help

I currently have 800Mhz RAM, but I manually set this at 667Mhz to enable me to overclock.

I'm thinking of upgrading to 1066Mhz memory, but I'll still need to under-clock this to say 800Mhz to enable an overclock again.

This is standard practice right? Just seems a bit annoying buying faster RAM then slowing it down?
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  1. you are not really slowing it down... You are changing how you get to the specified speed.

    800 at tight timings = 1066 at loose timings for performance so there isn't a performance gain unless you spend $$ on really good ram. Not even sure you would notice the difference most of the time.
  2. Hmm I just casnt get my head around the whole timings thing, So i just set MaxMemClock to 667 which seems to let me overclock the CPU.
  3. You need to learn more about overclocking.

    I will go over the basics.

    There is your CPU multiplier
    Memory Multiplier
    and FSB

    Your CPU speed = FSB x CPU multiplier
    Your memory speed = FSB x Memory multiplier

    So you have to overclock them both at the same time.
    You can however set your memory multiplier lower so you avoid overclocking your memory because memory doesn't overclock good.

    Your CPU should be 2.6ghz right? The multiplier should be 13 and the FSB should be 200.

    If you set your memory multiplier at 3.33, CPU multiplier to 13, and FSB to 240.

    You would be your 800mhz memory clock and a 3120mhz core clock.
  4. Hi Rolf , Question please. Do you get better performance gains from over clocking the ram or the cpu ?
  5. Better gains from OC'ing CPU, hands down.

    I'll try your tips Rolf, but i'm not sure if my bios has a setting for the memory multiplier...not seen anything that says 'memory multiplier' anyway
  6. It may say memory clock ratio or something like that as well.
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