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can i change the hard drive on my zd8398ea hp laptop from hdd to ssd
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    (1) Yes, if you can pull the old HDD.
    (2) Looks like this is a 4 year old laptop. If so -IMPORTANT, Your HDD is probably Pata (IDE). When you pull the HDD either look at the connector, or google the band/Model to determine if IDE (PATA), or sata. Wide varity of SAT, limited choices for Pata.
    (3) Newer SATA models (not sure of PATA) will make use of the trim cmd in windows 7. Verify that the SSD will use trim, or HAS a form of "Garbage collection" to keep the SSD operating at peak performance. Older Generation SSDs will bog down over time and performance can end up being no better than a HDD. I'm guessing your running windows XP, Which does not support trim.
    As a Note, I installed a 8 Gig PATA HDD in an OLD OLD computer Pentium 133 running windows 3.11 (System would only recognize 2 gigs.!!!!).
  2. Thanks for the info ,I found it most helpful
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