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y I have 2 4890 xoc that I want to crossfire, I have a 750 watt psu and when I tried to crossfire (just turned off comp placed 2nd card in put in pci-e pwr connectors pwr on and it turns off - do I have tomany wattege) everything I have on my system is 4 g's of ram, phenome 2x4 940 @ 3.4ghz 1 200mm fan, 1 120mmfan 1 trb hard drive, 1350g hard drive, and cd player,. what are the steps to do crossfire pls helpme . thanks and GB
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  1. 750watt should be fine ? what power supply are you using .. place both cards in their pci-e slots , make sure you connect all the power pins and connect the xfire band . Install the latest drivers and that should be it ?

    Find out what wattage a 4890x2 uses on full load and idle.
  2. thanks for the reply.. i believe i've done that and it just wont start / my mobo does support it do I have to uninstall the drivers first or that doesnt matter? cause i had the drivers in place when I tried.
  3. well its working and running its enabled in ccc but my fps is the same when I play css the graphics are alittle better but i do mean alittle if this is all it has to offer i must say I extreamly disapointed.
  4. Cross fire honestly isnt the best idea , 30% good stories 70% bad stories .. Ur better of selling that setup and going for a fast single gpu , it will never let you down .
  5. If I am not mistaken, CSS can only utilize 1 GPU so crossfire is a waste if that's all you play. CSS requires little GPU power which means one 4890 could run it at the highest settings and at like max resolution.
  6. yeah, for counter strike you should be ok with one card? when you say the graphics are a little better, did you actually go into setup and change all the graphics option to the maximum you could? its an old game so dont expect it to look like 'battlefield bad company 2' or anything...

    lots of newer games support crossfire and it makes a big difference, ie on battlefield bad company 2 i can run it all maxed out and each card (for me 2 x 5870's) only used around 45% of the gpu power available and runs very smooth and temps are low.
  7. ( i cant edit my previous posts for some reason)

    I found this just now :-

    it might help, i've never tried it so let us know if it works. I'd prob make a restore point 1st just incase, mmmkay.
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