Which 1TB harddrive is better? SAMSUNG HD103SJ or WD Caviar 1001FALS?

from a little research I've made, I understand that these might be the best 1TB hard drives available,
but which one is better?



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  1. They are both good drives. I've always had good luck with WD drives. Haven't had one fail yet.
  2. Agreed. I'd probably go with the WD Caviar Black.
  3. I was actually deciding between the same two drives but then I saw this...


    10$ promo code for it atm so may I ask how this one compares to the other ones listed? It's cheaper then the WD1001FALS and I think its better based on the cache / speeds but I'm not sure if there's something I'm overlooking.

    I know the samsung goes on sale for 60$ every so often so I'm wondering if the WD is worth the 20$ extra or should I just wait to snag the samsung when its on sale?

    Any recommendations between these 3 would be much appreciated! Thanks ;)
  4. I prefer Samsung.
  5. The WD1002FAEX's bigger cache doesn't have a big effect on performance, but I believe that drive always comes with 2 platters. With WD1001FALS its either 2 or 3, up to luck. a 2 platter drive has over 20% higher transfer speeds than a 3 platter one. So unless you happen to get a FALS with 2 platters, the FAEX is quite a bit faster.
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