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I want to build a new computer. I am looking to spend no more than three hundred and I really only need it for internet, music and picture editing. I don't need much memory or anything special. I am pretty basic in what I use a computer for.
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  1. Idk what you can get now a days on a $300 dollar build other than already built computer from dell or a laptop.
  2. I gotta say the last poster has a point. I've been seeing laptops around the 350 dollar price point as of late.
  3. If you need an OS, it's vitually impossible. If you want a desktop, you may want to look on ebay for something. Laptops generally have lower quality parts. Mac's are known for good picture editing. If you want a laptop, you may want to look at a Mac.
  4. Yepp mac laptops for editing, music, etc.
    low quality one though.
  5. If your needing to buy and OS and monitor/keyboard/mouse ect... Your probally better off getting a dell or buying a used rig.
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