How to get a linksys router to send out a wireless modem stick signal

Ok so heres my problem... i have just moved to a little piece of land and theres no cable internet so we bought a telus modem stick.... i cant figure out how to send a wifi signal throughout my house with my router.... can anyone help me
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  1. Please clarify. I assume that as there is no cable or phone connection to the land you are using cellular phone technology broadband via the modem stick.

    If so, I believe you can get cellular-type modem/routers with which you can relay the broadband to other computers via wifi.

    I would guess that otherwise, you will have to set up Windows Internet Connection Sharing via the laptop. ICS is a bit flaky so I suspect that using a wifi network with it may be a little messy.
  2. No there is it's just to slow and im very impatiant lol dial up is not my thing... and from what i can make out your saying i probally need a new router??
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