Turn an HD 3870 into a FireGL

Hey guys, trying a little project here. I've got a 3870 at my disposal, and I intend to turn it into a FireGL card. I know that the only fireGL card based on the 3xxx series was from the 3850, but as far as I know, it isnt so different from the 3870 that we couldnt just hack the info in that I'd need.

So, if anyone could help, I'd love it. I need to know of a method to hack a fireGL 7700 bios. And it would be convenient to know the information needed to change a 3850 bios into a 3870 bios too.
And lastly, where the heck can I find a FireGL 7700 bios at to hack in the first place!!? I cant find one anywhere.
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  1. Seems there's quite a bit of info on guru3d.com, but their damn verification code software to register (Which I cant stand on any forum, seriously) is messed up. So I cant even search the forums without registering. Meh.

    Basically, I seen quite a few people on there giving bench results for their softmods of the 3870, but with no directions or the modded driver files to do it.

    Can anyone lead me in the right direction?
  2. Techpowerup has some info as I recall, but I`m not sure how up to date it is.
  3. hi guys i try on vista x64
    i7 920 6gb ram
    raid 0 1.5t
    i put vista test mode
    download the original driver firegl 7700 from ati radeon site (5may2009 driver vista 64bit release)
    select hd3870
    install driver firegl 7700
    it thake the driver
    in 3 second ...
    is normal?
  4. Hopefully I should have an extensive guide for this written soon. Keep in touch, and if you need it right now, send me a PM and I'll help you through the process.
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