Room fan affecting computer air flow?

My computer has a regular motherboard fan in the bottom-center of the chassis, and a fan attached to the video card towards the back.

Currently my main room air conditioner/fan blows towards the back of the computer chassis. Not directly on to it, but the airflow is coming from that direction.

My concern is whether or not this ruins the air circulation of my PC? I can feel hot air blowing out with the two fans, even while the AC blows against the back, but is some being trapped inside?

Do I need to reverse my computer chassis so the front faces my room fan, or is okay as is?
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  1. Download some temperature monitoring programs, measure, and compare.

    I suspect everything is fine just the way things are.
  2. I have downloaded a program called Speed Fan, apparently a popular and trustworthy free temp testing program, and the 'Overdrive' section of my ATI Cataclyst Center for my video card monitors my video card temperature.

    Video card reads:
    65 degrees C average while playing a graphic intensive game
    55 degrees C average when doing regular computer stuff

    The temp sensors on Speedfan read average:
    47C, -128c, and 37c on different sensors(?) for my 'Asus F8000'.
    'HD0' is at 41C
    'ACPI' at 40c
    'Core' at 35c

    I've no idea what these components are, I'm not hardware savvy.

    What are the ideal temperatures for all these components? Are there some I shouldn't even consider?
    I'm also confused by the *extremely* different readings that are all supposedly for the same component, the Asus F8000. I'm guessing the *negative* 128 C is a fluke.
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