When to start purchasing stock

When do you think SSD hard drives will hit prime-time?

Thinking of one day buying stock in a company that speicalizes in it.
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  1. 1) I don't think there's going to be a magic date. They are gaining popularity all the time as their price drops and speeds increase. However, there is the risk that they could get supplanted by something else in the future.

    2) There's a lot of studying to do before buying stock in 1 company. I bought Unisys stock once based on their introduction of the es7000, and lost about 1/2 my money as it went down over time.
  2. if i knew that, i wouldn't have to be working for a living
  3. You can take a chance.
    If you guess right, you may become a milionaire.
    If not, you may lose money.
    Even the experts are wrong some of the time.
  4. haha, good answer.

    i was just thinking of days of iomega when they introducted the zip drive and things took off. but then again those were the bubble days
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