My computer won't boot. it can't detect a primary slave and it says the primary

we have had some problems with this computer in the past but if i turned it on and off enough times it would usually boot up successfully. Then i would only hibernate the computer so i would not have to deal with the boot up problem again. i know absolutely nothing about computers but i notice a pattern during the boot screen. it would work when it successfully detected a primary slave and would not work when it could not detect one. finally i was able to write the kind of primary slave down when it did work and was able to change it in the SETUP window to directly use the "User Type HDD". It worked for months and i was very proud. yet this afternoon i tried to turn on the computer and it had trouble rebooting everything from hibernation so i turned the computer off and it now has the same problem it did before only my new setup did not work. please is there any way i can fix this problem???
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  1. You need to power down computer for this and unplug the power cord, set the power supply switch to "0" if you have a switch on it. Also it would help if you gave me the specs. on your PC.
    I assume this is a Desktop ? Find the HDD inside and remove it from box using thin rubber gloves.
    Look at the connector, is it SATA or IDE, do you have a 6 pin slot and is there a connector bet. two of them ? On the face of the drive, you should see where the jumper needs to be for your drive to be primary or slave or cable select. On the IDE cable, it is usually marked which connector is primary. Set jumper to primary and connect it to the proper side of the cable. Make sure pin 1 on cable connects to pin 1 on MB. In Bios all you should need to do is Auto Detect and agree when it finds it, otherwise it is not connected right. Put it all back together, don't lose any metal parts inside and turn it back on, including PS switch. Also set HDD to be your first boot drive. Assuming it's a single drive, otherwise you need to set others to slave. Same applies if DVD/CD drive is attached to the same cable as HDD, set CD drive to be the slave, make sure it's properly connected.
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