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hi all just a quickie, ive recently upgraded my psu and graphics card as i wasnt very happy about my blu ray playback and gaming. ive gone from a gtx 260 to a asus engtx 480 with a xfx 750 psu. ive downloaded the latest driver from nvidea everything seemed ok until i tried the blu ray playback. it just freezes sometimes on the title screen of sometimes mid film after 5 mins watching then restarts the computer. im very annoyed as playback was far better before im certain this is a software issue. im running vista sp1 (cracked copy) it wont let me install sp2, asus striker 2 extreme mobo, 4 gb 1333 ddr3 ballistix tracer ram (corsair), q9450 processor, 500 gb western digital hd. i diddnt do a driver sweep and just instaled the new display drivers in. thinking maybe i should get a genuine copy of vista or 7 install that and start from scratch??? built my system about a year ago and have never overclocked anything or updated any drivers ie motherboard drivers for instance, do i need too?? one other thing can i still use my old gtx 260 as a physicx card and if so is it worth it? thanks all, james
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  1. Buy a legit copy of Windows preferably 7.
  2. That would be my first suggestion as well. As a legit site we really have no other choice. As you said its probably a software issue, and the latest version of win7 should (hopefully) fix it. You might need other software as well, but you didn't say what you were using for playback.
  3. if anything buy windows just because the new sp's for vista make it much faster. sp1 is a joke.
  4. when you say cracked, you mean your using your 'back up' of windows right?...

    deffo software and not hardware related, your rig is more then powerful enough to handle blurays. And with you being a backup kind of a man, are they bluray disks or backup, *cough* .mkv files you are playing? (backed up from your originals i would assume?) *cough*
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