HIS HD4830 vs eVGA 9800GT better buy?

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  1. i think the 9800GT would be a bit faster. but really a 4850 would be a much better buy for just a little bit more money.
  2. Go with the HIS 4830. With that cooler, you should be able to overclock it pretty significantly, giving it closer to 4850 performance. The 9800GT and the 4830 (default) are on par with the performance, and since the cooler isn't making the price that much more than the 9800GT, just go with the 4830. Obviously, you aren't looking for the top-of-the-line performance, so the 4830 should do nicely.
  3. the HD 4830 is a bit faster than the 9800GT at stock, and overclocks extremely well (it's core starts at 625Mhz (or 575Mhz?), but is the same core that can hit 750Mhz+)
  4. It just depends on the games you play. Overall they are about even so I'd go with the 4830 due to the nice dual slot cooler.
  5. +1 for the 4830,
    Performance wise it would depend on the game but the 4830 looks the better deal all things considered

  6. 4830 just because the one you display has a non stock cooler (ati stock coolers tend to just blow air around instead of directing it out) and supports hdmi. 2 slots though and glows 2 things i don't care much for. Really depends what you play because they are about = overall but have some high and low points, but as far as a package the 4830 is just more recent and gives more new stuff.)
  7. 4830.
    The 4000 series handles aa slightly better.
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