Please help me find a certain Tom's Hardware Article

Hi everyone, I've been looking for a particular article that was part of a series type of thing. It was part 2 or 3 to this whole thing, and in it included benchmarks of the HD 5000 cards and GTX 200 cards using AMD/Intel solutions. For the most part everything was even, except for when it came to dual gpu cards - the Intel Core processors dominated the AMD Phenom's at that. The author said they would update it with the 400 cards, but hasn't happened up to this point.

Anyway, I think the article was posted in the summer time, namely late in May. I know it was posted around the time this article was made. If someone could please help me find this article to share with other guys on the internet (and bump it's comment thread so maybe an update will come soon) I'd be so happy for that.
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