Should I trust an open box 500GB caviar black?

My local Microcenter has two open box caviar blacks on sale for $50 (500GB, 7200rpm, 32mb cache).

Don't really want to buy a hard drive off newegg because I am worried about it getting damaged in shipping, we've had mishandled packages from both UPS and Fedex in my area. Also even if the store bought drive is bad it's a lot easier to do an in-store return/exchange than shipping it back to newegg.

I was also looking at a 640GB caviar blue for $55 and a 500GB caviar blue for $50 at the same store, both NIB (7200rpm, 16mb cache).

I really don't want any more than 500GB (am only buying one drive right now) but I figured for a $5 difference I should look at the 640GB.

I do want to go with WD because of their 5-year warranty (the warranty on the OB ones should still have most of it left).

How much of a difference in performance (load times and transfer speeds) is there really between the caviar black and the caviar blues?

Would the 500GB blue perform slightly better than the 640GB blue?
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  1. Blacks are better than Blues.

    Open box should be okay! You can always return it.

    Be sure to format the drive once installed, to rid of any previous information.
  2. Well, I went with the caviar black, will find out how well it works in a week or two.

    Still curious about the performance difference the 32mb cache makes though.
  3. I have heard that the onboard cache for HDD isn't important anymore.

    This is because the drive controllers can keep up with the drives, so the drive doesn't have to "hold" any information.

    This should be true for anything SATA II and above.
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