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Very Strange Computer/Graphics Problem

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a b U Graphics card
March 13, 2009 10:20:48 PM

Computer History
-Self-Built (about 2 months ago)
-Accidentally placed extraneous brass standouts (underneath the mother board) that caused a short circuit on the mother board, as a result, my graphics card fan did not spin and my graphics card did not work, when I removed these standoffs my graphics card and computer worked perfectly
-Yesterday my computer randomly froze, I restarted the computer and after the beginning of the boot-up, I got the following error:
Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
Insert your windows CD and press r to fix this problem.

I did this, but it did not work, so I restarted my computer a few times, it booted up and everything worked perfectly for the rest of the day.

Today my computer froze once again, I got the same message as before on boot-up, so I did what I did last time, continuously tried to restart my computer, as many times as I tried it still gave me the same message, until finally when I restarted the computer I noticed that nothing was being displayed on my monitor, I also noticed that the red light on my graphics card labeled "Overheating Protection" was on, and my graphics card fan was no longer spinning.

My first priority right now is finding out why the graphics card/graphics card fan don't work (I don't see how my motherboard could randomly short-circuit just because I restarted my computer quickly in succession about 20 times), and my second priority is finding out how to fix the SYSTEM32 problem without wiping my hard drive.

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March 14, 2009 6:02:57 AM

Sometimes dust buildup can jam the fan blades and prevent them from turning. Remove the card and clean it up, use compressed air if you can. Give the fins a spin with your finger to ensure there are no obstructions. If there is an accessible power lead hooked up to the fan, inspect it and be sure it is plugged in tightly to the header. Reinstall the card and hope for the best.

If you can get into safe mode, run sfc /scannow from the command line. This will check and replace any corrupted system files, and should solve your boot issue.

the new number two
a b U Graphics card
March 14, 2009 6:10:46 AM

The graphics card is two months old so it's definitely not dust build up, I'm sure there are no obstructions, and I checked the power lead and such. The issue with the card probably has something to do with the mobo (as I said the fan is acting in the EXACT same way as it was when there was a short on my mobo, it doesn't spin at all when the power is on, and when I turn off the computer it makes a few revolutions).

I can't do this right now anyways, but when I fix my graphics card how do I get into safe mode :<?

Thanks man I really appreciate it ^^