Galaxy 9800gt not a gt?

Ok so my friend jus bought a galaxy 9800gt from newegg. The card looked a little weird to me when i first saw it (i installed it for him) but i couldnt put my finger on it. Then it hit me the card had TWO sli fingers on it. It looked exactly the same as the pictures on newegg except for the fact that it had the tri sli capability. So i thought maybe its actually a gtx in the wrong box but it is short like a gt has only one power connector like a gt and it has 2 dvi ports on it which the galaxy gtx has a dvi port and a hdmi port so that cant be it. Then I plugged it in and it said the bios is a 9800gt. So what the hell is with the tri sli stuff? has anyone else experienced this from galaxy? its freakin me out here
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  1. I'm told that the 3-way sli support is the only difference between the 9800GT and the 8800GT. I think 3-way sli is normal for 9800GT's.
  2. no they dont have tri sli capabilities...if you look at the pictures of it on newegg it doesnt have two it only has one sli finger
  3. The 9800GT is a rebranded 8800gt with Tri-Sli ability. all the 9xxx series is tri-sli capable.
  4. Quote:
    all the 9xxx series is tri-sli capable

    seriously? my 9600gt, only has 1 sli plug, my 9500gt only has 1 sli plug.

    tri sli was reserved for the 9800GTX/8800gtx/8800ultra, and now the 260 and up.
  5. There are some 9800GT's, repeat some, but not all of them, that are tri-SLI capable.
    I guess it was up to the manufacture to include support or not when they built the card.
    Palit and ASUS also made 9800GT's that were tri-SLI capable. But, as far as I know, this was the lowest card on list to support it.
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