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Just installed a new graphics card and noticed that my Hard Drive temperature (WD Black 1TB) was running at 52C. Its positioned pretty close to my new card (ASUS DirectCU 460 GTX 1GB). Not sure if its been running at this temp for a while or if this is due to the video card. Is the temperature on this HD too high?
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  1. Hello,

    I have two 1 TB WD black HDD's in my computer and they run about 30 C.

    How are you measuring the internal temp? With the MB PC Health SMART appl? or a separate source
    I would check them with a different SMART appl, just to confirm the reading

    The spec sheet says: Temperature (Metric) Operating -0° C to 60°, so 52 C seems high.

    Is that measurement taken with the case closed so the front fan can blow across the HDD, and the computer idling?
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    My personal preference would be to keep it below 50C. You might be able to lower the temp a few degrees by moving the drive to a different bay, or by putting baffles to direct air at the drive. The key factor is to make sure the drive has air flowing past it.

    Too much space around the drive can be bad if it allows the flowing air to bypass the drive. Ideally the drive would be in a "channel" with perhaps up to an inch of clearance above and through which air is forced to flow.
  3. Thanks. No fans hit it directly, so that might be part of the issue. All three of my fans miss it. If I moved it up to the top bay it would be in the direct line of my big case fan. I'm glad that it isn't a catastrophic temperature which is what I was worried about.

    I'm using SpeedFan to test the temperatures.
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