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I have an AMD X4 965 BE that I have overclocked to 4GHz on an Asus M4A89GTD Pro USB3 mobo. Temps run between 35-50C with my arctic cooling freezer pro. I also have a XFX HD5870 2GB GPU. It seems to be completely stable UNTIL I try to play GTAIV. The game runs great for about 15 mins, then the PC will reboot. No other game/app gives me any problem at all, including FFXIV beta. Does this sound like its just a problem with GTAIV or is there something else going on?
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  1. My guess is either thermal problem or power problem. Why kind of PSU?
  2. Its a Corsair TX650 which came highly recommended. I was told it should be more than enough to power my system. CPUID HW Monitor shows 11.83 on the 12V rail. As far as temps go, from what I've seen/read, they are well within normal ranges.
  3. monitor your GPU usage, I had a problem with my 88OOGTX where most games including battle field bad company 2 and fall out 3 etc would all run fine, but when i played an older game Neverwinter Nights 2, it would crash after about 40mins, sometimes it would freeze and i'd have to hard reset, or sometimes it would just reboot system itself. I found the game was for some reason using 100% of my GPU constantly, even though it was not that graphically advanced as many newer games. I tried new and old drivers for the graphics card, (updated sound drivers and stuff before realising it was the graphics card). In the end i gave up... ALSO I now run a system with 2 x 5870's and every single game flys along like a dream except fallout 3, which was fine on the 8800gtx, i've got all the latest updates etc, but crashes every 20mins or so back to desktop without an error. Again, i've given up on it now. Maybe for some reason theres some tiny little conflict somewhere with your game and some part of your PC
    , you could spend days pulling your hair out trying to get it to work. If everything else is fine just play somethign else until they patch it.
  4. I got ATI Tools and was monitoring the info in an OSD and I saw that the CPU usage was over 65% for most of the game and 100% a few times. On the other hand, Ive been playing Final Fantasy XIV's beta and have never gone over 20% CPU and 35% GPU. Is that wierd or is GTAIV just a really poorly optimized game?
  5. when you say CPU, do you mean GPU? (QUOTE:- "I saw that the CPU usage was over 65%")

    Because, 65% is not a lot for the GPU. What catalyst version are you using? Because, I lost stability of the DX 11 features of Bad Company " when i updated them by one version. Game was fine in DX10 Version that i had to force via editing the .ini file
  6. I said CPU meaning the actual CPU, not the GPU (vidcard). I have no other game including Fallout 3 that uses that much CPU while playing.
  7. COuld try underclocking the CPU down to say 3.6GHz, should not impact the game in any way.
    If it does not work then i doubt its your hardware, i think its probably software, especially if your other games are ok.

    make sure you have latest updates for the game.

    Maybe try an older graphics driver (you do know how to remove old drivers properly right? if not just ask) I think 10.5 was solid as a rock, all your games should still work fine.

    If that dont work, then reinstall your sound driver. if it still don't work then keep save games somewhere and delete game, then reboot and reinstall. if that don't work, then play something else, its obviously a fault they have not released a patch for yet.

    Good luck. by the the way Ihear that Mafia II game is a bit like GTA, but with less/no side missions, might wanna give it a whirl.
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