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I'm interested in building a rig to act as a home server. I don't plan on allowing more than 3 computers to access the server, so I was wondering if I could use a regular CPU for this task? Also, other than cost, what are the primary differences between server CPU's and regular desktop CPU's?
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  1. Could you use a regular cpu? yeah sure, no problems.

    Server style CPUs are designed to handle, and speed up data access. Thus they normally have more cache than desktop cpus.
    Also they are offen made with scalability in mind, for example will work with quad board style configs.

    I have a server thats an opteron, and my desktop CPU is an X2. If you ask me, they are exactly the same.

    For what you want, im sure any desktop cpu would be just fine.

    What role is your server going to have ?
  2. I want to hold my video and photo library, backup data from my other computers, and maybe use it for secure storage of security cam data. I have an extra Athlon 5600+, but it only has 1mb of cache.
  3. that will do just fine.

    I use a k6-II 500Mhz as my personal a file server. Its unstoppable :)
  4. i use an amd athlon 64 4000+ for my 2.5TB file server, works great
  5. Lee-m said:
    I use a k6-II 500Mhz as my personal a file server. Its unstoppable :)

    You mean it's always at 100% load? :)
  6. Horhe: actually no. It hovers around 20% - 80%
    It only hits 100% when its been used via the GUI. Which is almost never.

    I'll get round to upgrading it one day.
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