My new i7 build is running hot

I have a cooler master 922 with msi big bang mobo my cpu is the i7 and stock heat sink i do have an gtx 460 as well.

I get 43 44 42 42 idle temps but after starting prime95 for only after not even 30 sec i hit well over 75C. 78 83 75 82

But right after stopping the test the temps drop by 5 to 10 C at a time. i have spent a ton of money on this build i don't know if i can talk the wife in to letting me get a after market heat sink.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Are you using the stock cooler?
    Are you doing massive overclocking?
    Are you watercooling your system?

    Please be more specific..
  2. just stock cooler and no overclocking and hyper threading enabled.
    also I'm getting my temps from real temp.
  3. Stock cooler doesn't perform well in core i7. I would suggest you to buy a high performance air cooler. You can get them for 35-55 bucks..

    Mine went from 45C (idle) to 85C (load) with the stock heatsink, changed it to the Cooler Master V8 ( and my temperatures are way better, went down like 15C!!
    Now I'm overclocking it to 4.1Ghz and I'm getting 39C idle temp, 70C load temp.
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    jrmspc22 said:
    Now I'm overclocking it to 4.1Ghz and I'm getting 39C idle temp, 70C load temp.

    Not with a V8, your not, unless your computer is in a refrigerator. Post a screen shot running Prime95 for 10 minutes w/Realtemp or Coretemp open.

    @sleepking, you can try to remove your heat sink, clean it and apply new TIM. This may help a little, but not much. You can also try to manually set your vcore lower, lower voltage=lower temps. Both of these will bring you only small gains though, you do really need to get a decent aftermarket heatsink to see any real difference.
  5. I just got the A70 and my full load temps after 30 mins hit 63 63 61 59
    i think i didn't lock my stock heat sink :P but now i'm golden right?
  6. I use the Cooler Master Hyper N520 on a micro atx board with i7-930 cpu in an older HP Media center pc case. It doesn't cover the closest dimm slot. Got it for $34 on Amazon with free shipping. Definitley at least 10 degrees cooler temps than stock intel fan, especially when doing video converting as the cpu would throttle back when temps hit 84 degrees or more with stock fan. With the N520 the temps are now around 72 degrees when doing video converting and cpu doesn't throttle down at all.
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  8. let us know how things go. but yes, an after market cooler should do the trick. Just baffle your wife with science. Last time i decided I wanted a water cooling tower I told my lass that it was to avoid case fires which were due to lower humidity levels compared to where the cpu's are made in America ROFL!!!

    Also make sure you clean off the old thermal grease and apply some new stuff. its dead cheap. check forums on how much to appy. I think grain of rice size in middle of plate is correct amount. there are photos and stuff if you google it.
  9. so far so good my pc on full load will not pass 62c so i'm happy.

    i did the bait and switch told my wife i put on the heat sink wrong needed new thermal grease and then got the A 70 heat sink and it's LARGE.
  10. Let's hope your wife doesn't get into overclocking.
  11. if i had it my way i will be building a mineral oil computer right now :pt1cable:
  12. upgrade the wife?
  13. good idea but seeing as I'm a Intel fanboy i done see them coming out with a new model
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