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hey, i made up my mind and chose the HAF 932 over the Antec 1200 as it has better air cooling, and i hate some questions
Can the front fan be removed and changed to another color? like a blue LED 230mm fan
Is it better to replace the 230mm side and top fans for smaller 120mm fans? is there better air flow?
And i noticed the HAF 932 has a silver interior, it would be so much more smexier if i painted the inside black, what items do i need to paint it black? and can i TOTAL newbie paint the inside black with no experience?
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  1. I bought the CoolerMaster HAF 932 when it first went on sale last August.

    Yes, you can replace the fan at the bottom front of the case with a blue led fan, Here's a link to a vendor with a variety of CoolerMaster and other large fans:

    Those large 230mm fans do an excellent job and do not need to be replaced with 120mm fans. Please try the stock case fans first before making any changes. Performance is outstanding.

    Yes, you can paint the interior black. That's what I did. I used Rustoleum primer in a spray can first. Then I finished with Rustoleum flat black spray paint. Availble at almost all hardware stores in the USA. In order to do it you will have to remove all of the interior parts. That means removing the fans, tool free card retainers on the back panel, and those darn tool free plastic drive fasteners on the side of the drive bay cage. If you do not remove them, then the paint will eat the plastic.
  2. lol thx dude, your awesome, u like answered all of my questions on the haf 932 from like my other posts, which is alot, thx :P
  3. i also used the rustoleum flat black paint. Looks amazing. Although i have some crappy case, and the black on the inside makes it look so much better. On a side note, i decided not to primer my case, and the paint still sticks amazingly well. One of the big characteristics of that paint is its resistance to heat up to 110C(?), perfect for next to the video card. I really like the paint.
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