What is mean South Bridge and North Bridge.,fsb

before any saying i am kind new in hard ware there some i know and some i don't know but i wanna go deep so first i wanna know what is South Bridge and North Bridge
and what it mean when say ex:North Bridge: AMD 770
South Bridge: AMD SB710

and what is fsb?

and thanks for helping
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  1. North Bridge and South Bridge are additional chips that the CPU uses to communicate with memory and with I/O devices like disk drives, network connection, etc. etc. The "North Bridge" is the high-speed hub that in most systems connects the CPU to the graphics card and to RAM. The "South Bridge" is a slower-speed hub that connects it to the rest of the system.

    In diagrams of the interconnections between the CPU and the bridge chips, the CPU is usually drawn at the top, with the North Bridge below it and the South Bridge below that. I've always assumed that the terms "North" and "South" come from the relative positions of the chips on these diagrams.

    AMD 770 and AMD SB710 are the specific chips that are used by some motherboards to perform these functions. If you Google them you'll get a better idea of exactly what they do.

    "FSB" means "front side bus" - it's the CPU's connection to the North Bridge and through it to rest of the system. The FSB speed is important because it controls how quickly the CPU can get data from RAM and I/O devices - the faster the better.

    Some new high-end AMD and Intel CPUs have their own connection to memory and don't go through the North Bridge.
  2. thanks man thats realy good information in simply way
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