Updated! Help with GPU/CPU dilemma

id like to get this card and just game for a year and set this thing aside for my first self built rig with a quad etc....yeah if anyone has any suggestions etc please enlighten me...

AMD X2 6000+
A 1.0 mobo...of course with 2.0 cards being backwards compaitaible it shouldn't hurt me to bad....should it?
4GB(undecided this is also something im ordering...probably the 1066mhz range)
600-650watt psu(also something im upgrading...)
LG 20-24(not sure how big it is...it was free....1680x1050) and DAYUM does it look good...i must say LG never ceases to amaze me

I believe i have touched everything...so yeah i know i can't do GTAIV on this thing but how much longer till games start just stepping on me at my res etc...

Update:ok im adding a pic...this is what i have so far and after rebates im in my budget :D any suggestions?...im pretty positive this is what i want...i believe it will get me to my next pc no problems :bounce:


Update:Also im able to bundle a AMd 9600 Agena with my video card at a discount of 45$ so i pay 50$ for the cpu....i am using a Gateway GT5656...my mobo is an elitegroup/MCP61PM-AM...i don't think i have any options to overclock....will the ghz rating slow me down :sweat:

Im wondering if this would be a worth while upgrade? i can probably find a home for my 6000+...would this add a decent bit of longevity to the build?....thanks

Update:Ok i can overclock...thank god i just went into my bios off a hunch first...i upped the proc from 3014mhz to 3022mhz...bus speed by 2 mhz and ht link by 3mhz...not sure what i changed but it was minimal and i reverted upon my discovery
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  1. Buy THIS ram. you wont notice any difference between ddr2-800, and ddr2-1066.
    if you get a new mobo,( with a pci-e 2.0x16) might i suggest THIS it only supports ddr2-800 though.
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