Difference b/t 1 2gb stick and 2 1gb sticks

Ok so I have 2 x 1gb ddr2 800 ram and 32 bit vista.

Im upgrading to 4 gb.

Should I get:

2 x 1gb ddr2 800 or

1 x 2gb

The 1 x 2gb is about $5 cheaper. Is there a performance difference?
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  1. DDR should be installed in pairs. If you do not install in pairs, it will not operate in dual channel mode. Best scenerio, 2x2gig sticks. 4 sticks can sometimes be troublesome to get all 4 to play together nicely.
  2. sell your old ones get these 4gb low voltage 1066
  3. I dont think my motherboard supports more than 800 memory http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130082
  4. With an Intel CPU, it won't matter anyway. All you need is 800.
    But, I would suggest buying 2x2gig, of good 1.8 volt memory.
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