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Hey all, i've gone through probably 5 pc's in the last 2 years, i should have done this a while ago, but my intellect in this field is rather limited, i know the basics, but when it comes to picking the parts, im a dunce! money isn't a problem, and putting it together won't be either, all i need is a list of the best products money can buy, thanks in advance if you can help!

I'd like it to be able to run as much as 6 screens, each screen could do the same as the one before it, (ie: one for messenger, one for programs i need for school, one for games, not in this order, but each screen should be able to do this, and if it's not to much trouble, would i be able to find a screen specifically for gaming? if there's one available?)

the price isn't a problem, ordering online isn't either,

as for everything else, i'm pretty on the ball with, just as long as it's very fast, reliable, and can handle alot of programs, games and movies,
if you need specifics i could write a few down, but generally speaking, the price range should be about 6-7 grand, excluding the amount for the monitors, that should cost about 4-5 grand, ( again, money isn't a problem!)
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  1. also forgot to mention, im a graphics designer, and don't really have the time to look for parts myself, that's why i posted on here, save myself some time! also running vista at the moment, but not to happy with it, so im open to new OS, and thans in advance to those who help!
  2. Well, 10 years ago you might of had to spend $4000 to get a PC to do what you want, but you don't anymore.

    Either a base Phenom II 940BE/ASUS 790FX board/8GB of DDR2 800 or an i7 920/Asus x58 board/6GB DDR3 1066 will do the trick. A Sapphire 4850X2 2GB graphics card is good. Put all this in a CM Cosmos 1000 case, powered by any name brand 700W PSU is great. Thats about $1400. If you want grab a Intel X25-M SSD drive and a 1.5TB Seagate drive, throw in a blu-ray drive and your look at about $2700.
  3. CASE - 199.99
    COOLER MASTER COSMOS 1000 RC-1000-KSN1-GP Black/ Silver Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case - Retail

    PSU - 139.99
    CORSAIR CMPSU-850TX 850W ATX12V 2.2 / EPS12V 2.91 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Active PFC Power Supply - Retail

    MOTHERBOARD - 299.99
    ASUS P6T Deluxe LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail

    CPU - 288.99
    Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 2.66GHz 4 x 256KB L2 Cache 8MB L3 Cache LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core Processor - Retail

    CPU COOLER - 69.99
    COOLER MASTER V8 RR-UV8-XBU1-GP 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler - Retail

    RAM - 270.00
    (2) G.SKILL 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Triple Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Retail

    OS/APPS - 369.00
    Intel X25-M SSDSA2MH080G1 80GB SATA Internal Solid state disk (SSD) - Retail

    STORAGE (RAID1) - 260.00
    (2) Western Digital Caviar Black WD1001FALS 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM

    GPU (4 MONITORS) - 289.99
    SAPPHIRE 100270SR Radeon HD 4850 X2 2GB 512-bit (256-bit x 2) GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card - Retail

    GPU (2 MONITORS) - 161.99
    SAPPHIRE 100258-1GL Radeon HD 4850 1GB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card - Retail

    OPTICAL - 114.99
    LG Black 6X Blu-ray DVD-ROM 16X DVD-ROM 40X CD-ROM SATA Internal Blu-ray/HD DVD-ROM & 16X DVD±R DVD Burner Model GGC-H20L - Retail

    MONITORS - 1379.94
    (6?) SAMSUNG 2253BW Black 22" 2ms(GTG) DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor with HDCP Support 300 cd/m2 DC 8000:1 - Retail

    OS - 139.99
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2C 64-bit for System Builders - OEM

    Total - $3984.90

    Total (Minus Monitors) - $2604.91

    Only thing I would suggest is sticking with MS Vista Premium 64-bit, and maybe bumping the Intel SSD up to the bigger version, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820167015, for some more breathing room. You have to have a 64-bit OS to take advantage of more than 4 gigs of ram, which from what you mentioned will be very necessary. I suggested a good reliable monitor, not sure how big you want, but a 22" monitor is pretty popular. You could also get a nice 24" monitor for gaming, and for that I would recommend getting a Radeon HD4870 1GB so as the handle the higher resolution. If your not into a lot of gaming, then the single 4850 will be plenty.
  4. You'll need a board with 3 PCI-E slots. 2 for gaming and one more to drive your other monitors.

    2 of these:
    EVGA GTX 285

    1 of these:
    PNY Quaddro quad display port workstation card

    On something like this:
    ASUS Rampage II Extreme LGA 1366 Intel X58

    And you'll need a really nice PSU:
    PC Power and Cooling 1200W

    Then, you'll want a really nice case:
    Thermaltake Sword

    OCZ 12GB kit
  5. alright thanks for all your replies! im liking the gear transmania suggested, but ima digg into what the other posts linked to! still open to everything,
    also the 22's will do nicely, but could i put in something in the 30's maybe close to the 40's for my main screen?
    i need alot of room to see everything clearly, but if i did that, would i have to change some parts to make it compatible, so i dont take away clarity from any of the other monitors?
    also, the 6 gig's would do nicely, but could i put in what proximon suggested, and use the 12gig kit instead? or would i have to modify some of the parts again?
    thanks for your input!
  6. Just out of curosity, why would one need a 6 monitor setup? We aren't confusing screens with windows right?
  7. yee, i need to make it so i can use multi screens,
    for other programs, so i can drag and drop, paste, copy,
    it'll be just easier then opening and closing windows, i do alot of graphics and testing games n such,
    so i need more monitors to do more work, i'll fill in the details in a few, dinner's done!
  8. i need to have at least 4 monitors, i used to use a store bought comp and just changed my vid card so i could use two monitors, but then that blew and im back to one, and it takes double the time to finish my work, so i figure if im two monitors cuts my work in half, then 4 monitors will make it alot easier to finish my work and why stop at 4, i can use the 5th one for regular internet, msn and whatnot, and the 6th for games i need to test, and games i can just play whenever,
    also, i wanted to know, if that 1tb harddrive will be in my comp, i can still use my external drive to back everything up right? there wouldnt be any complications?
  9. also, is there a program or hardware i could get to make all the monitors show one picture? i've seen it done with televisions, but never found a way to make my monitors do it, again thanks for all the info!
  10. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824001098

    This is the biggest computer monitor you can buy without getting something like an LCD TV. But in order to play games on this monitor, you will need some horsepower. As Proximon suggested, you can go with dual 285s, and then the quadro to power your 4 other monitors.

    In my build I put down 2 sets of 6GB RAM, so you will have 12GB.
  11. alright sweet, i'll check into that 40 in, i glanced over it, and i like it so far, but i read at the bottom "Requires a dual-link DVI to run full resolution." is that in the list? or would i need to purchase another vid card or something?
  12. also looking to overclock, seeing as im gonna be doing alot of gaming, would this conflict with the parts you suggested trans?
  13. No the components selected will allow for good overclocking, and that cpu cooler and the good airflow from the case will keep it all cool. What you could do, its more expensive, but really cool (haha), is run a 30" on each of the GTX285s, and then the 4 22" on the quaddro. It would be an epic set-up, but a little unnecessary.
  14. that's good, but i'll need to be shown how to do that, i've never oc'd before, i've heard and seen it done with other's computers, but haven't done it myself.
    ahhahaha that would be badass, i will do that, it'll make my job alot easier, would i be able to make the monitors show one picture? rather then use the 30 in, just combine them all to show one?
  15. forgot to mention i'll be needing a new keyboard and mouse too,
    if you have any suggestions, that would be very good lols.
  16. Alright, so here's what i have so far, with the help of transmaniacon and proximon, and some info from mykC

    CASE - 199.99

    what's the difference between the two?

    PSU - 139.99

    the 1200w psu

    would there be a problem using the 1200w instead of the 850?

    the difference between these two?

    MOTHERBOARD - 299.99

    rampage II

    again would there be a prob using the rampage instead?


    GPU (4 MONITORS) - 289.99

    the duals 285's

    trans, you mentioned later that i should go with the dual 285's, that mean i dont have to get the sapphire's?

    and then one of these??

    GPU (2 MONITORS) - 161.99

    OPTICAL - 114.99

    MONITORS - 919.99 22"
    (x4) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824001268
    MONITORS - 2400.xx 30"
    (x2) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824001098
    OS - 139.99
    OS/APPS - 369.00
    the 80gb
    the 160gb
    trans, you said if i wanted more breathing room i should go with the 160g, which i think i will do instead
    trans, you also mentioned something about a radeon HD4870 1gb, that's this right? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161265
    i will be doing alot of gaming, maybe 65% of my time i'll be gaming,
    KEYBOARD - 79.99
    http://stores.tomshardware.com/search_getprod.php/masterid=46646203/search=keyboard/ (if anyone has a better keyboard in mind, feel free to say something!)
    was also looking into one of those flexible keyboards, those might be nifty.
    MOUSE - 87.90

    or this one

    razor mamba - 130.00
    this is prettty much what i got from that thread, im guessing this is all i need then?

    what about a sound card?

    any ideas on speakers or a sound system?

    and how would i go about over clocking all this?
  17. forgot to mention i will be getting these too

    STORAGE (RAID1) - 260.00
    (2) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136284


    RAM - 270.00
    (2) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231225

    silly me, i totally forgot to mention these two, aha, (bows head)
  18. It's hard to say how much PSU you need right now because we're still trying to settle this GPU question.

    That's the really tricky part of this build. If you fill up all your slots with GPUs you won't have room for any other cards you might want to add in later, like a sound card or TV tuner.

    I think your best bet for GPUs:

    Sapphire 4850X2
    This has 4 DVI ports for 4 monitors. The price is great for this kind of functionality.

    EVGA GTX 295
    Fastest single card made, for your gaming.

    That will leave you some breathing room.

    You could power those two cards with the 850W, but for your purposes The PS P&C 1200W would probably be wiser.
  19. CPU - 288.99

    CPU COOLER - 69.99

    argh, i must be really tired to not mention these too, excuse my idiocy!
  20. alright, thanks proxi, so i just need one 4850, and one 295 then?

    and just get the 1200w,

    man, i'd be so lost without this site!
  21. Wait, Proximon are you sure he could have a 4850x2 and a gtx295 on the same board???? I know they would be used for powering different monitors and not to combine graphics power, but I still didn't know you can put both on the same mobo and power them
  22. Get the 1200 watt PSU so you have room to expand.

    The RAMPAGE II is a great overclocking board, if you will be doing this in the future and dont mind spending the extra money to get the board, then get it.

    As proximon mentioned, the 4850x2 and the GTX295 will be the best combination. The 30" monitors go to the 295, and the 22" ones on the 4850x2.

    As for the SSD, it depends on how many programs/games you will be installing. The 80 should be plenty, but if you are going to fill it up, then get the bigger one.
  23. fruees said:
    Wait, Proximon are you sure he could have a 4850x2 and a gtx295 on the same board???? I know they would be used for powering different monitors and not to combine graphics power, but I still didn't know you can put both on the same mobo and power them

    Technically it's OK, because the drivers are assigned to different devices. However, I see that Nvidia especially gets a bit militant about removing ATI drivers. So, updating drivers would be a huge pain. Apparently it was easier under XP.

    So, that leaves you with the second-place 4870X2 and a 4850X2.

    How much room do you have? Because you would be better off with two boxes and a KVM switch.... In fact, that would be ideal. You could run some serious graphics on the gaming rig and keep everything else on the secondary, with just a desk switch to move the KB and mouse between the two systems.

    Btw, you'll need a good supply of current for all this.
  24. Hmm, so i could get everything that was already stated above,
    but get a secondary desktop, that has everything except my graphics stuff? and just link the two with a network switch? im assuming that is a desk switch also?
    how good of a supply? something like this? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817147073

    i have plenty of room, being single, a graphics designer and living in vancouver and being 19, all i have is a bed, tv, laptop and desktop in my living room.. lol (shakes head in dismay)
  25. One System would be for gaming and movies, etc. The other system would cover all the other stuff. They could be connected via a network, but a KVM switch is something different.

    The KVM switch would allow you to use one mouse and one keyboard to control both systems. The switch has two or more buttons on it, which you press to select which box the keyboard and mouse are connected to.

    So, you would have one computer with an i7 and high end video card or two. The other computer could have some inexpensive quad core such as a Q6600 or even an AMD, and that 4850X2 (or possibly the Quadro) with the 4 ports, to power the 4 monitors.

    So, one system for 4 monitors, and one system with a single very large monitor.

    This not only gives you better performance, but it allows more intensive multi-tasking.

    If that sounds like a plan, it would take some of this difficulty away. The two systems would have different tasks and wouldn't suffer from the schizophrenia of too many cards doing too dissimilar things.

    Switch would be something like that.
  26. https://secure.newegg.com/WishList/MySavedWishDetail.aspx?ID=12479628

    Heres a solid multi-tasking build with your 4 22" monitors. As proximon has described, the KVM switch and two seperate builds seems to be the best bet, while it might not be the most practical, but you seem to have money to burn...

    As for your gamer rig, use the parts we suggested earlier, minus the GPUs to power the 4 monitors, look at something like GTX285 SLI.
  27. Yep, just what I was thinking. The only thing I wasn't certain about was the Quadro I had listed earlier might be better for some graphics programs.
  28. Yea, the only qualm with those is the price, but seeing as he will have dedicated computers for each task, and he has a big budget, that Quaddro you listed earlier is probably a better choice.
  29. alright sweet, but i couldnt access that link you sent transmania, it said i had to put in a password,

    alright, so lets see if i have this all correct, one desktop will be with all the parts suggested above, minus the gpu's and add a gtx285 instead, and for the second, use the parts from the wishlist you provided?

    if i misread anything please inform me!
    and again, thanks to both of you, you've been so patient and incredibly kind for helping, i cannot express my gratitude enough! (haha i feel like i should buy you two something!)
  30. I am pretty sure I made the wish list public, if it asks for a password, it just needs you to be logged in to view it, but yea, those builds should work well for you.

    Glad I could be of help, you should start a WIP thread and keep up updated with pictures =), I would love to see 148" of monitors lined up hahaha.
  31. shadyattackk said:

    and again, thanks to both of you, you've been so patient and incredibly kind for helping, i cannot express my gratitude enough! (haha i feel like i should buy you two something!)

    Hahahaha cough, cough... cough :kaola:
  32. alright, so this is for my multi tasking comp https://secure.newegg.com/WishList/MySavedWishDetail.aspx?ID=12479628

    and this for my gamer rig ?

    and have it connected with this

    is that all correct?
    and trans, if theres a way i can send that to you, for sure i can get it for ya
  33. also, was thinking of getting this for my mouse too,
    if you heard of it or have thoughts on it, please tell me before i buy!
  34. forgot, one the multi tasking comp, it has vista, and in the gaming rig it's xp pro, would i have to change one for the other?
  35. Yea those are the builds that will be good for you, I havent heard anything about that mouse, I imagine though it could be effective for mutlitasking faster, and might make a good mouse for your secondary system, as for gaming, stick to a lachesis or logitech gaming mouse.

    It shouldnt matter which OS is on which computer, the kv switch is just a piece of hardware that re-directs your input devices.

    and trans, if theres a way i can send that to you, for sure i can get it for ya

    Hahah I was really just being funny, unless you are going to lose sleep over it...
  36. aha, iight cool, and with the secondary rig, i can easily upgrade that too right? if i somehow manage to wreck the gaming rig, i can just do upgrades on it?
    yea that sounds good, i picked the logitech g7 i believe for my gaming mouse, and i'll use that orbita mouse for multitasking, iight that's good,
    i was thinking of using a 42in touch screen for my gaming rig, would that conflict with the graphics card or anything?
    ahaha nah i wouldn't lose any sleep over it, but it's a nice gesture, you can take it or leave it.
    also, i was wondering if there is a badass case i could use instead, you know one with led lights or one thats see through on one side or something along those lines?
    if not, im good with this one, i was just curious lol
  37. I want to make sure you understand the difference between the Quadro4 and the 4850X2.

    The first card is a workstation card. It's NOT faster than the 4850X2, but it has OPTIMIZED drivers that work very well with professional programs such as CAD or perhaps Photoshop or Maya. Many such video or photo editing software or 3D modeling stuff will only run well on those types of cards.

    I placed it on your multi-tasking machine as I guessed it might be useful to you. If it is not needed, get the 4850X2 for the build.

    If you do get the Quadro, you will want to get 4 of these:
    Unreasonably pricey in my opinion.

    Unless you think some of your software won't like it, go with Vista 64-bit on both comps.

    You want the GTX 295 for your gaming rig.

    You can cut the PSU down quite a bit now on that build. Corsair would be good:

    Finally, the KVM switch I linked is not necessarily the best. I linked it because I thought it was illustrative.

    I suggest you start a new thread now. Call it "My two-box 6-screen build" and list out the two boxes and any other parts, such as KVM switch or monitor rack.

    Let some more folks pick it over. We've done the preliminary work, now it's time to fine tune.
  38. alright cool, the workstation card is good enough for me, i'll be doing alot of 3d modeling, layering, and designing environments and characters, along with software like that, so it'll do just fine i believe. and vista 64 will be ok with me on both systems,
    i'll make the changes to that gaming rig right now,
    that 1000w will replace my 1200w for my gaming rig?

    alright, thanks so much proximon!
  39. Yes. It's still more than enough juice for the system, but it leaves room for growth.
  40. alright cool,
    i posted a new thread like you said, it's up and getting replies!
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