Using a LCD HDTV as a Computer Monitor Problem

Hi everyone

Last year I bought a 32” LCD HDTV (SAMSUNG LN32R81B) for the sole purpose of using it, as a monitor, for retouching photographs with a brand new PC (msi p35 platinium BOARD, geforce 8400 gs nvidia VIDEO CARD, intel core 2quad PROCESSOR,etc)

After some months of working to my satisfaction, on January of this year the VIDEO CARD WENT CAPUT. After replacing it with an identical video card (still under warranty) and tried to connect it again to the Monitor, a message of error (blue-screen) started to show referring to a malfunction in hardware. After many headaches with this, a computer tech friend suggested to reinstall WINDOWS XP completely because he thought it was probably a software problem related to the BIOS .

So he did, and for three weeks I´ve used the computer with a regular monitor through the VGA outlet of the video card without a single problem (because at this point I’ve become suspicious of the interaction between the computer and the LCD HDTV) .

Yesterday I reconnected the computer to the LCD HDTV again, to resume my photographic duties and PAO,!!!THE BLUE SCREEN AGAIN!!!.

I am not only worried about the blue screen but also about the possibility that this interaction (PC-HDTV) it’s killing the video cards.

Boy, this thing is really testing my sanity, I’LL APPRECIATE ANY HELP THAT SOMEONE CAN GIVE ME WITH THIS.

Thanks in advance

p.s: I’m connecting the PC to the Monitor with a HDMI cable through the DVI outlet of the video card with a converter.
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  1. Try updating the video card drivers to the most recent version. If that doesn't work try using a different connection interface (not sure if thats the right wording for it) eg d-sub to d-sub
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