Who wants to purchase Win7 just to swap out a mobo? not me, help

Ok guys, some of you may not know me (i hang out with the gfx guys :sol: ), so hi xD

So, in a stupid move by me, i happened to purchase a Compaq PC about last year. I've upgraded to a 750Watt OCZ psu and a new 4870 but of course, my beauty of a cpu (Athlon x2 4800+) is holding me back a little. However, since this is an ECS Iris8, the overclocking is locked. Also i've always wanted a crossfire setup so my best option at the moment is to upgrade to an Am2+ motherboard and with the overclock, i should be able to hold off on purchasing a Phenom II for a bit longer. But.... as most of you guys probably know, to swap motherboards people say that you need to reformat your hdd and reinstall windows. I dont have a disc =(. can you guys make any recommendations that would help me avoid shelling out 200 bucks on Bill Gates' latest 20GB of crap and is there a way around reformatting? thanks.
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  1. You need to format period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Use win7 PC free til june next year.

    Buy a disc, or pirate it like everyone else.

    Maybe if Americans pirate as much as china we can get affordable software also.
  2. well i keep seeing articles explaining how to do it without formatting, but none of them seem reliable enough to take the risk.

    about using the RC : don't they not let you install it after a certain time (possibly official release)?

    also i cant take the risk of RC expiring without buying the retail version, i'd be stuck on Linux (love it but not for gaming ;) )
  3. Ya alot of idiots say it will work without reformatting and it will, but not without tons of issues.

    You can install 7 rc anytime.

    Guess you pirate or purchase. Good luck.
  4. okay well thanks for clearing that up for me
  5. as long as you have the key you should be ok, just download the appropriate disc (without any hacks/changes)

    or get Win7

    ...or be a pirate
  6. oh thats true... the key is held inside windows right? do they actually let you download the disc?
  7. would doing a windows repair also do the job? i see that they're giving repair discs (i guess thats what u meant)
  8. hmm okay i guess i could do that
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