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today i let my son onto my computer, and he fiddled around with my external hard drives, the end result being that only one of my two usb drives work, both give power though. whenever i plug anything with a files into the computer e.g usb disk or external hard drive the computer freezes, this does not happen when j plug in the mouse though. the hard drives do work on other computers .

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  1. Have you tried shutting your system down completely and powering it off, then starting it back up again? I've found that USB problems sometimes persist until a reboot.
  2. Ive tried, after it freezes i hold power, to shutdown, then reboot.
  3. It sounds like your external hard drive AND your computer USB connection have issues. If so, then you likely had a short circuit damage the hardware on both.

    It's uncertain where the computer damage would be. You need to try replacing parts. Either there is damage on your motherboard or else your USB cable is damaged. I'm wondering if only the end of your USB cable is damaged. They often are installed in pairs and the other USB connection which hooks to the same motherboard sounds like it's working...

    I'm confused that you say "only one of my two usb drives work" but then say that they both work in another computer.

    It's possible it's a software glitch too but it's very difficult to be more specific.

    You could try unplugging that USB cable from the motherboard and try hooking your hard drive into another USB slot.
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