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You will easily conclude I am an amateur! I have an AMD Athlon 64 with 2 x 512MB RAM in 2 (green) of the 4 available slots. I have purchased 2 compatable (PC 3200) 512MB to increase the memory to 2GB. When I instal one of the sticks all wroks well instead ststem file does not recognise the new stick. When I instal the 4th stick computer decided to shut down info sent to the screen. tells me that I can have up to 4GB onboard so how do I get the 2 up and running. Do I need to enable to other 2 slots and if so HOW????? HELP!! Thanks, ToDe
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  1. What motherboard is it?
  2. MSI MS-7191 (RS482M4-1LD) Thanks
  3. MSI MS-7191 (RS482M4-1LD) Thanks
  4. sounds like you may have to go into the Bios and set the voltage and timings of the ram manually because the new ram you have may have some different timings than your original ram
  5. Thank you for your reponses. I have not been able to get back to you. I am going to a computer upgrade as everything I have tried, under advice, has not resolved my original problem.. Again, thanks. ToDe
  6. You may need to remove all four sticks and replace them with two 1GB sticks.
  7. i agree take those 512 sticks back and pay the difference for 2 1GB sticks. people always have issues when trying to use all 4 ram slots
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