ATI 4830 causes monitor to go into power saving mode Win XP

Recreated this thread in the more appropriate forum hoping to get some assistance.

My fingers are crossed.

zoenphlux said:
I have a dell core 2 quad 6600, 4 gb ram, integrated video/audio ...g45 chipset on windows vista 64. i just bought an asus hd4830 and the computer booted fine...but after installed catalyist drivers it boots up and the screen goes to power save mode....I can boot up into safe mode and uninstall it and then boot it up again fine....i have tried downloading the newest and what the asus card came with...does the same with both....what can I do>

oh, and It goes into power save mode after the windows driver bar is done...when the next screen should be windows when it goes into power save mode.

Anonymous said:
Same problem here. Monitor goes into power saving mode just before the login screen appears.

Fresh install of 32 bit Windows XP Pro with SP/3 and the latest drivers dated Feb. 20, 2009 did not resolve the issue.

My card is the SAPPHIRE 100265HDMI Radeon HD 4830 512MB

Driver package: 9-2_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu_75974

I was able to get the drivers to load successfully one time (after restarting from a safe mode session) and that appears to have been a fluke- the problem reappeared with the next reboot.

Any help would be appreciated.

My system
GIGABYTE GA-MA790X-UD4 Motherboard
AMD Phenom 8650 Toliman 2.3GHz Socket AM2+ Processor
G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 memory
Rosewill Stallion Series RD600N-2SB-SL-BK 600W Power Supply

No over clocking has been performed on the system, all stock settings.
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  1. you need to plug the monitor on the DVI of the card :P
  2. Pretty funny stuff. :bounce:

    Anybody else wanna take a shot?

    I purchased a new monitor (LG W2252TO) so the possibility that the monitor would not support the refresh rate is unlikely.
    I also swapped in a NVidia 9600GT and had no issues, so PSU being the problem is also unlikely- I would have been suprised had it been since the card ran WITHOUT drivers just fine- the issues began after the drivers were installed.

    Like I said, the card works well enough on a Vista Machine, so the card is not defective.

    I will run the NVidia 9600 card till I either do another Windows XP install and try it with SP2, although the card was going into a machine with a fresh install- maybe it just didn't like SP3? The date for the driver was quite current and no "known" issues of this type were mentioned relative to SP3 in the release notes.

    Windows 7 will finally be released some day, as the worst case scenario but by then I'll want to upgrade anyway. - It would have been nice to have figured this one out... it just irks. LOL
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