Increasing acer laptop memory frequency

Hi Guys!

I've just joined and am very excited to get learning and hopefully help if I can.

I was really hoping that you could help me with something's that doing my head in ....

I have an Acer Aspire 5720z laptop, i just bought 2 gb of ram (kingston 800mhz), installed it, checked on cpuid and it states that it's running at it's lowest frequency (266mhz) and I have no idea why, and how to increase it up to 400mhz.

I don't know if this is like a cool and quiet thing where the frequency ramps up as load increases, but have tested opening some mighty large panoramic files and it stayed to 266.

So I thank heaps in advance if someone can shed some light on this, and hopefully get that ram sped up!


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  1. The maximum frequency for RAM your laptop can handle is 533mhz (which is PC2-5300)...
    So its running at the correct speed, you just bougt ram faster than you needed. =D
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