External Enclosures - would a generic one would be ok?

I want to buy an internal harddrive (1TB) and an external enclosure (since I understood that it might be better that way, since the external hard drives that are available today, for some reason are less reliable)
but where I live there aren't many options as to chose an external enclosure,
I can buy this vantec one for exampel:


or this antec:


but the antec one doens't support esata (i don't have it anyway in my pc, but maybe one day i'll have..)

or this generic one, by seda (anyone heard of it?):


and that one has esata...

btw none of them have a fan.. i'm not sure how importnat is that, seems like most don't anyways..

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  1. They are all aluminum so that's good. I'd read the customer reviews of each device and see how they fair. I wouldn't worry to much about eSATA with USB3.0 coming out. I've been satisfied with USB2.0 so far. Yes transfers of a large number of files (1000+ at 4gb+) takes forever but I just walk away and have a cup of coffee or something.

    I haven't had any trouble with these (I own 2):

    Also if an enclosure goes (I had an old Seagate go on me) the drive is often good and you can pull it out and put it into your PC or another enclosure.
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