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I have a Dell Precision 670 Workstation(Model 0U7565) with Dual Xeon 2.8GHz(Nocona) onboard. May I ask what CPU model can be use on this system? Is it possible upgrade to Dual-Core Xeon?
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  1. Thanks for your help and I'm waiting for your reply, many thanks.
  2. instead of waiting why don't you send them an e-mail yourself? could be quicker
  3. I've got the exact same issue. I called Dell and they recommend AGAINST this. I'm willing to go for it but can't afford to throw money away. Two dual core processors on this workstation would be great future proof. Have you learned anything else since you posted this?
  4. I know this post is old but the issue has yet to be properly answered..

    " YES " You Can Use Dual core Processors In the Dell Precision 670 I Don't

    Know why a Dell Rep would advise against it because if you look up the

    specs on the 670 on Dells website the spec sheet clearly states that the

    board supports two single or dual core processors.. in case someone

    is still curious...

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